Choosing a Piano Teacher

The Right Piano Teacher?

The Music Teachers website carries some sound advice to help you choose the right piano teacher for you or your child.

See the “Guidelines for Choosing a Teacher in Safety and Confidence” page.

Please read these guidelines carefully before contacting me and feel free to ask me any of the recommended questions.

Playing piano

"We strongly discourage negotiation with teachers by email and enthusiastically recommend picking up the telephone. The spoken word is by far the best first step in establishing confidence on both sides. Don't make arrangements for you, your child or your money with an individual you only correspond with by email. You will be at risk." - The Music Teachers Website.

Piano Teacher

Child protection

I consider child protection to be of the utmost importance in my professional work.
I have taken and completed the NSPCC Child Protection Course. (See certificate here)
All my teaching takes place in my home. All children who enter my home for piano lessons must be accompanied by an adult who will be expected to observe each lesson.

My Cancellations Policy

  • All families and individuals are occasionally affected by totally unexpected events.

  • No lesson — no fee!

  • If you have to cancel a lesson, even at a moment’s notice, I will not require you to pay for it.

  • If you forget to phone me to cancel a lesson and simply fail to turn up, I will not require you to pay for the lesson.

  • If you have paid for lessons in advance and decide, for any reason, that you wish to discontinue with lessons, your credit will be repaid in full.

My Fees

1 Hour lesson - £35

30 minute lesson - £17.50

Fees may be paid by cash, cheque or bank transfer